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We Pay Cash for Junk Cars in Salinas

Are you stuck with one of those “storage cars” in your back yard? Storage cars are vehicles that have been in the back yard and out of commission for so long that the owner stores things inside it as if it is a shed. Are you that vehicle owner? If so, don’t worry. We are a company that pays for cash for junk cars in Salinas. We’ll take your car even if it has been sitting in your back yard collecting dust. We are hands down the best company of this type in the area. Some of the reasons that our customers choose us over other similar companies are:

Perfect Acceptance Rate

Our acceptance rate is nearly 100 percent perfect. We take in all sorts of cars despite their manufacturers, features, mileage, problems, starting abilities and more. Many people in the Salinas area come to us because we are so accepting. There’s no reason that you should not give us a try. Call us so that we can get the ball rolling and offer you a quote. We would be delighted to speak with you and offer something to you.

Speedy Service

Another reason that Salinas residents love us so much is our speedy service. We are guaranteed to provide you with the funds that you need quickly and efficiently. You just tell our tow truck driver where to pick up the car and we will be there. All you need to do is be there for the pickup and to see if you need anything else.

Fair Prices

Many people do not offer their cars for sale because they feel that they will receive a low-ball offer. We are guaranteed to give you an offer that you simply cannot refuse. If you can refuse it, then do so and we will try to come back with something better for you.

No Hassle

We are a no-hassle company, which means that we will conduct the cleanest, quickest and most efficient pickup of your item. You don’t have to do anything to the vehicle before we get there to prepare it. Just call us and tell us to come and get it. Only agree to the transaction if you agree with the quote that we give you. Otherwise, do not perform it. Write us or call us for a quote right now and we can close your deal within hours.